Report: Miami bowl eligible, will lose nine more scholarships

The NCAA investigation into widespread malfeasance at the University of Miami football program has finally come to an end. President Mark Emmert will not be placing the Hurricanes on an extra bowl ban, but will be lowering the program’s scholarship limit by three each year for the next three seasons.

Due to his involvement in the scandal, former basketball coach Frank Haith, now the head man at Missouri, has received a five-game suspension for his role in the scandal.

Former booster, and convicted Ponzi schemer, Nevin Shapiro provided extra benefits to Miami football and basketball players. That includes parties, money and even prostitutes, allegedly.

An investigation was launched, however several internal issues with the NCAA delayed the organization from handing out punishments. As a sign of good faith, Miami voluntarily kept itself out of the postseason the past two years, and restricted themselves from offering the maximum allotment of scholarships.

This year, Miami has rushed out to a 6-0 record and into the top 10 of the BCS Poll. With a shot at a good bowl game, possibly a BCS bowl, the Hurricanes will be eligible to compete in the postseason this year.

In regards to the sanctions imposed on former coaches and the university, here are some tweets from insiders discussing the penalties:

Finally. It looks like this case has reached its conclusion.