Report: Possible suicide bomber may have eluded Olympics security

Sochi police are on the lookout for a possible suicide bomber who may have eluded Olympics security teams. According to ABC News, a woman named Ruzanna Ibragimova, who goes by the alias of Salima, is affiliated with a terrorist group – Caucasus Emirate – that has threatened to attack the Winter Games.

Prior to the Olympics, Russian President Vladimir Putin has tried to allay safety concerns by touting his impenetrable “ring of steel” security defense. The measures, which include nearly full surveillance within the ring, and over 30,000 police troops, have reportedly cost Russia $2 billion.

Officials believe that Ibragimova may have arrived in Sochi 10 days ago, and could be working in tandem with other female terrorists. ABC News describes the suspect as “having a 10 centimeter scar across the left cheek, a pronounced limp, and a stiff left arm that doesn’t bend at the elbow.”