Rich Homie Quan embraces Michigan State Spartans and Mark Dantonio

The Michigan State Spartans football team has used Rich Homie Quan’s song “Type of Way” as a mantra this season. In an interview with MLive, the rapper expressed his gratitude for the team and head coach Mark Dantonio.

Quan appreciates Dantonio giving him a shout out on national television after winning the Big Ten Championship.

“Coach said my name twice, and it sent chills through me,” said Quan, who played football through his youth. “He could have mentioned anyone in the whole world. I mean, a man 57 years old liking me and doing that. I truly appreciate that from the bottom of my heart.”

He even said that Dantonio’s name-drop felt better than performing on BET.

“There was an interview on (ESPN) SportsCenter, and they had Type of Way playing, and it shows me it’s solid gold, now,” Quan said. “That shout out Coach D gave me felt better than me performing on BET (Network) for the first time ever this year. That had been the biggest event before. This is a feeling I can never get again.”

Cornerback Darqueze Dennard introduced the team to Quan’s music, which then took hold. Because of all the dance parties and recognition, Quan feels a part of the Michigan State family. So much so, that he hopes to be along for the ride as the team travels to the Rose Bowl.

“I want to be out there in a green jersey and feel a part of Michigan State. I want to be at the game, I want to be out there with them. I feel a part of Michigan State now, and you don’t even know what it means to me.”

It’s a strange world when a 57-year old coach in Michigan connects with a 24-year old artist rapping in Atlanta. Judging from the success of both men, they make a good team.

  • Tom Brown

    Texan? Coach Dantonio is a native of Zanesville, OH, a South Carolina graduate and a self-professed Spartan for life!

    • Gamedayr

      I initially had Texan due to him being born in El Paso (the thought being a Texan via birth). However, the phrasing seemed a bit misleading. I’ve amended the article due his Midwestern ties. Thanks for reading. –JB

  • Tom Brown

    Technically, “Gamedayr,” you are correct in much the same way the state of North Carolina can consider itself “First in Flight.” Although his nativity was in Texas, the very idea of Mark Dantonio is pure Ohio. MSU’s official website considers Mark a “Zanesville native,” and Mark himself recognizes Zanesville, OH as his hometown.