Richard Sherman vowed to embarrass Michael Crabtree last summer

The Seattle Seahawks punched their ticket to Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday night, but what most people are talking about the following day is Richard Sherman’s intense post-game interview with Erin Andrews.

Sherman deflected a pass to cause a game-ending interception, and then proceeded to let 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree know about it on the field. He then continued trash talking after the game on live television.

What most of America probably doesn’t know, however, is that Sherman and Crabtree’s beef dates back to last Summer. During a charity event, the two players had a brush with one another. The following according to Jeremy Brewer of The Seattle Times:

Sherman has been upset with Crabtree since last summer. Both attended Arizona star receiver Larry Fitzgerald’s charity event. While there, Sherman went to shake Crabtree’s hand, and Crabtree tried to start a fight, according to Sherman’s older brother, Branton.

Sherman vowed his revenge following the event, stating “I’m going to make a play and embarrass him.”

On Sunday night, Sherman accomplished the mission he set out on a few months ago.