Seahawks fans lobby for Richard Sherman’s mom to be Campbell’s Soup spokesperson

Seattle’s 12th Man sure loves the Seahawks. Apparently the fan base is gonzo for players’ moms, too. One Seahawks fan has started a campaign for cornerback Richard Sherman’s mother to become the next Campbell’s Chunky Soup spokesperson.

Seattle superfan Cedric Morris was moved to start lobbying for Beverly Sherman after he saw the way she interacted with fellow fans.

“Whenever you see her out there in any city, she’s always out their with the fans. She’s just the ultimate team mom. She’s just an awesome lady.”

Morris has created a Facebook page and hopes that a grassroots movement will propel “Mama” Sherman into the spokesperson role. If so, she will follow in the footsteps of Gladys Bettis and Wilma McNabb, among others. Per his page’s mission statement, Ms. Sherman has become a den mother of sorts.

Beverly “Mama” Sherman, as she’s come to be known among the Seahawk faithful, is continually in contact with with the fan base. Whether it be at games, tailgate parties, special 12th Man club events, or on social media, she brings an unbridled enthusiasm and energy to our gatherings … she has adopted an entire fan base, creating a massive legion of Mama’s boys and girls. Just as Chunky Soup reminds us of warm mealtimes with our own mothers, Mama provides fans with a comforting link to our team.

From his summer Sports Illustrated cover and profile to the team’s successful 2013 season, Sherman’s stock is peaking. Maybe his successes can give some rub to his mother. If so, I’m hoping the soup campaign looks something like this.

[h/t Extra Mustard]