Richard Sherman’s shredding of Skip Bayless on First Take blows up Twittersphere

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman (25) warms up before a game against the St. Louis Rams at CenturyLink Field. (Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports)

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman (25) warms up before a game against the St. Louis Rams at CenturyLink Field. (Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports)

If you don’t know who Richard Sherman is yet, that’s only because you haven’t been listening. The mercurial and uber-talented Seattle Seahawks corner has never been afraid to speak his mind, and those outbursts have proven to be pure blogosphere gold.

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On Thursday, Sherman appeared on ESPN’s First Take, and he used the opportunity to tell analyst Skip Bayless exactly what millions of sports fans nationwide would love to say to the opinionated and generally negative Bayless.

Sherman told him things like “I’m better at life than you”, among several other witty remarks. While we here at Gamedayr were far too busy ROTFLing, tons of folks took to Twitter to share their opinions on the totally unexpected piece of television wonder.

First, a short snippet of a hostile moment of the interview:

Now, some of the very best reactions we found:





















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  • Seahawk_Swagg

    #GoHawks Sherman gave nothing but truth

    • Anthony Campanella

      Def true, but if you watched the whole thing it got awkward. Kind of made Sherman look bad. I wish he would of said his peace real quick and moved on. But hey, it was entertaining 🙂

      • Mike in Georgia

        It got awkward and he looked bad because he is first an idiot with a big mouth (talking about Sherman here) and second, he has no class, no,life EXCEPT for football….he will be a Mickey D’s boy soon after his football career is over because he won’t know how to handle his money. Shut that big trap of yours Sherman and play football and get respect the old-fashioned way…by earning it!

        • Steve Davidson

          all pro!!! EARNED….end of story

    • Jack Williams

      Sherman represents the classless Hawk fans well. Not all Hawk fans are classless, but those who champion Sherman’s rude behavior deserve to have his bad karma drag them back to the losing they suffered for so many years. Grow up.

  • jordan615

    what a disrespectful little punk. he has 2 years in… if i was skip i would tell him to come holla at me in 10 years kid, when your nuts drop… it really shows that they are just still thugs but just with money… i thought it was a bad way to use your 15 minutes of fame on espn. he sure wont get it after next season when receivers are gunning for him…… fluke

    • Anthony Campanella

      I don’t think he’s a thug. I think he is very immature, but the guy graduated from Stanford. There’s a lot worst people out there. I think he got offended and over reacted.

      • Mike in Georgia

        He is VERY immature and obviously can’t handle the truth…he over reacted for sure and didn’t win friends or influence people, except idiots like him.

        • Pudgy Ashburton

          Skip or Richard ?

      • Louis

        You think he wouldve sniffed Stanfords jock had he not been a football player? pshhhh. He sounded like a complete buffoon

      • Jack Williams

        Makes you wonder how this moron ever got through Stanford without a lot of help from tutors. Compare Luck to Sherman – Luck shows the class that you expect from a Stanford graduate. Sherman behaves as if he came from a much lower class school.

  • jordan615

    notice espn went to black and then he was all nice and correct when they came back on… they probly told him that if he did not grow up his career is over. no telling what skip said. you see with osama obama the media controls what america sees and hears… liberal intimidation

    • America before 2008

      damn you’re dumb

  • DSS

    He’s got a real bad chip on his shoulder! Did he ever learn respect???? So you went to Stanford? Uh-huh….really now! They teach you that there! DA!

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  • Steve Davidson

    Tables have turned and skip is an ignorant fool. Thinks Tebow is great and Sherman is a punk. what a joke…please go away

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