Richie Incognito tweets support for Michael Sam

On Sunday night, former Missouri Tigers linebacker Michael Sam announced that he was gay. His opening up to the world was a big moment for LGBT rights, as there has never been an openly gay NFL draft prospect.

Almost immediately, Twitter reactions poured in over the announcement. Most supported his decision, while a few shared negative thoughts on the subject. One player that’s been in the spotlight for allegedly bullying, Richie Incognito, took to Twitter following the news.

Incognito has been lambasted over the past few months for his actions with fellow Miami player Jonathan Martin. Perhaps this was an attempt to improve the public’s perception of the him. The much-maligned guard could use all of the positive press he can get right now. Even small things, such as this tweet he sent for Sam, count in a big way.

Or maybe Incognito isn’t the monster he’s been made out to be. Maybe this tweet is sincere. Either way, it’s a good look for him.