Rick Pitino’s championship Louisville tattoo has been inked

rick pitino louisville tattooIt’s official: Rick Pitino has stayed true to his word and gotten a Louisville Cardinals championship tattoo on his upper back.

Before the Cardinals hoisted this year’s trophy, Pitino vowed that should they win the championship, he would be putting some permanent ink on his body.

The tattoo is the Louisville “L” with “2013” on the left hand side, and “NCAA Champions” and “35-5” beneath.

No matter if you’re a fan of tattoos or not, you have to respect Pitino for sticking to his word.

Good on you, coach.

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rick pitino louisville cahmpionship tattoo

Pitino talked with reporters after he got the tattoo. Adam, the artist behind the tattoo, refused to take any money for the ink. Instead, Pitino donated to Adam’s charity of choice.

[Video H/T @jdemlin]