Rob Gronkowski offered a small fortune for adult film with Bibi Jones

Gronk and Jones. (Photo courtesy of

Apparently it’s good to be Rob Gronkowski. The Gronk has been busy tearing up the offseason party-circuit like Charlie Sheen on a week long binger.

The man loves to have fun, and the adult website has apparently recognized that. The site released the following statement in a Feb. 6 press release (adult sites have press releases?), “ is prepared to match Gronkowski’s 2014 base salary of $3.75 million if he agrees to perform with Jones in a sex scene exclusively hosted on”

Last offseason, Gronk raised quite a stir when photos of him shirtless and Jones rocking his jersey hit the internet. While the man likes to party, a move like this is probably just a little out of his realm, especially if he wants a future in the NFL.

That being said, we wouldn’t be surprised one bit if Gronk to the $3.75 million offer. That is, after all, a lot of dough.


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