Ron Gronkowski wants you to know that he is ‘Sorry for Partying’, sort of [Photos]

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Rob Gronkowski has proven to be one of the most prolific touchdown scorers in recent NFL history.

However, the young New England Patriots superstar has also proven to be one of the single greatest partiers of all time.

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Over the weekend, Gronk was spotted at Universal Studios in Orlando with his buddy, former NFLer and WWE trainee Dean Muhtadi.

The two bros were having more than just a good time, and they were doing more than just bronzing up their guns — they were making a statement.

This dude is sorry for partying — well, he’s not, but at least his shirt says so.

The next question is, of course, should a professional football player be riding roller coasters while nearly his entire left arm is in a cast?

To that we say this: If Gronk can bodyslam a bro (his brother) on a Las Vegas stage while shirtless, a few big drops down a roller coaster in his bro tank ain’t no thang.

h/t: Busted Coverage

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