Not even a $9,000 bar tab can stop Rob Gronkowski from partying [Photo]

If you hadn’t heard, Rob Gronkowski likes to have a good time. He didn’t get the nickname Gronk for no reason.

He recently apologized for his partying — sort of — but evidence by his bar tab at XS in Vegas on Super Bowl Sunday, he’s not sorry at all. No wonder he started busting movies like he was having a seizure and body-slamming his brother on the dance stage.

Most players would be bummed to narrowly miss out on the big game, but not Gronk. No, Gronk just views it as more time to get crazy.

This one only cost him $9,615.40, no big deal.

Photo and h/t courtesy of Busted Coverage.

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  • DFresh

    This is just another over paid pro athlete who will be bankrupt after his playing days are over. Look around at all the need there is,wake up America and stop supporting the pro ,D1 college sports that rob our country in the name of sports.

  • dc2231

    its his money let him enjoy it.

  • ding dong

    Dfresh……I think he will be just fine……most people just jealous that his tab is half your yearly wage…you go to school for 4 years and get a degree like his other 2 brothers as well and have 3 of your kids in pro football and 1 in pro baseball…get out da way!!!