MLB Rookies’ ‘Rock Yo’ Jock’ rap video is bringing purity to baseball

todd cunningham rock yo jock rap

Atlanta Braves’ rookie prospect Todd Cunningham is ready to turn the PED-game on its head. How we didn’t catch wind of his rap video, titled “Rock Yo’ Jock,” until now is beyond us.

Cunningham describes it as a “fresh approach to an age-old topic because let’s face it, the birds-and-the-bees talk just isn’t cutting it. This is a story of a man who sets out with impure intentions, but runs into a rapping, gift-bearing, very pure being. An angel with a gift to protect the purity we were all designed to live out always results in a dance party….so just “Rock Yo Jock”.

Are you paying attention, A-Rod and Braun? Good.

The lyrics go a little something like this:

Yeah, Let me break it down so you can understand it
Give it slow and expand it, keep it simple and candid
[Back up female vocals with a lot of reverb to give a full heavenly echo]
He so fly. He so wise. A surprise that he brings.
A gift delivered on angel’s wings

Yo these girls be over beatin and they be overheatin and creepin
Just to chip in and weakin push you off of the deep end
Sin is ready to seep into areas that you weak in
I brought this cup but not for drinkin in order to be your defense (echo fense)

It’s really easy for lust to slip in the door
If you looking for strength just read Philippians 4:
13. You can do all things, and I do mean all things through the King of all Kings

So whatchu waiting for, Rock Yo Jock
Keep yourself covered from haters who knock your block
About your Father’s business in Heaven you got your stock
Got the keys to your destiny, homie, drop your top


Rock Yo Jock 3x
I feel so clean

Rock Yo Jock 2x
Throw yo hands up
And show your bling

So when I look, look, atya I feel so badya
I try not to look and try to keep, keep my swagga
What’s mine is mine, hands off you won’t captcha
The flesh has the glama but that’s not what I’m afta

Cleopatra, yeah, Queen of the Nile (auto tuned)
I’m dressed in gold, and I’m wa-wearing a smile
Oh my my my I know you like my style
But hands off, don’t touch, come stay for a while

When the devil tries to dangle dem damsels that does holla
When he tries to tempt me wit some glory, fame and dollas
He tests when he callin me wit ladies love (auto tuned)
Luckily tonight I rocked my jock up in dis club

Strapped with protection So there is no question
And like a scientist its time for dissection
When you get to my heart put in a cross section

[H/T Deadspin]