Rufus Warren looks down on gay football players like Michael Sam

On Sunday night, Michael Sam dropped some big news on the world. Sam revealed that he is openly gay, becoming the first NFL draft prospect in history to do so.

For the most part, his announcement was taken positively. There were some, however, that unfortunately reacted in a negative manner. Mississippi State sophomore tight end Rufus Warren took to Twitter to voice his opinion on the news. His account is now protected, but @MikeBBonner was able to capture the tweets. Warren stated that he “looks down on gay football players,” but also gave him props for coming out.

rufus warren michael sam gay twitter

Negative reactions like this are exactly why it’s still difficult for gay humans and athletes to come out. Knowing that people would react this way, Sam just proved exactly why he’s man enough to play football.


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    Real men don’t beat women either…there goes that logic.