Russ Smith escorts high school freshman to her homecoming

Russ Smith made Tonysha Curry’s evening when he agreed to escort the freshman to her school’s basketball homecoming.

Curry, a student at Manual High School in Louisville, was left hanging when her date didn’t show to the game. She spied Smith in the crowd and, after some prodding from her friends, asked for the escort. Like a true gentleman, the Cardinals guard agreed and saved the night.

Funny thing is, Smith was just as taken aback as his companion.

“I didn’t know,” said Smith, when recalling being asked to take part in the homecoming festivities. “It just all happened too fast. She said, ‘Please, it would really make my day, make my night.’ It actually made my day probably more than hers. I’m kind of really happy about it.”

“It just never happens. It’s something that’s one in a million,” replied Smith. “You just have to live in the moment. It may not ever happen to me again. That made my day.”

It turns out Russ Smith is as spontaneous off the court as he is on it .