Russell Wilson knocks Bleacher Report columnist for 2012 draft grade

I’m not here to take a dump on Bleacher Report columnist Donald Wood. In 2012 he knocked the Seahawks for, what he thought was, a bad draft. His article resurfaced on Twitter this week and apparently made its way to Russell Wilson, who responded in kind.

People will use (and already have) this as a reason to knock B/R for it’s place within the industry. Whatever. The guy wrote a column and it turned out to be horribly wrong. It happens to any writer stepping out from the middle lane.

Besides, draft grades are prognostications based solely on opinion. Who fully knows how a young athlete will handle the transition to professionalism? For what it’s worth, SI’s Chris Burke called that class “very … blah.”

Wilson landed his title and earned the right to stick it to the critics. When he invariably screws up during his career, writers will take aim. Such is the circle of life between athletes and the media.

As for Wood, mistakes are now more magnified with the advent of social media. Especially when you write for a company that has been called “the worst thing in the history of journalism.”

[h/t Larry Brown Sports]