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Russell Wilson was drafted behind Broncos backup QB Brock Osweiler

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Cred: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

There have been all sorts of zany stats leading up to Super Bowl XLVIII between Denver and Seattle, but this one especially stuck out.

Two quarterbacks dressing for the game were selected in the 2012 NFL Draft. One, Russell Wilson, is a starter for the Seattle Seahawks; the other, Brock Osweiler, is a backup for the Denver Broncos. Despite their respective roles with their teams, Wilson wasn’t always viewed as the quarterback with more potential. In fact, Osweiler was selected a whole round ahead of Wilson in the 2012 draft – 18 spots to be exact. Osweiler was taken in the second round with the No. 57-overall pick, while Wilson was chosen in the third round with the No. 75-overall selection.

Wilson has been selected to two Pro Bowls (’12, ’13), while Osweiler has, well, watched Peyton Manning be selected to two Pro Bowls (’12, ’13).

For the Broncos, the pass on Wilson isn’t currently a big deal, seeing that Manning is playing arguably the best football of his career. There are some fans of NFL teams (looking at you, Jacksonville), however, that will be sitting at home watching Sunday’s game a tad bit angry. The Jaguars selected punter Bryan Anger with the seventh pick in the third round of the 2012 draft, five spots ahead of when Seattle took Wilson.

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  • Cecil Treadwell

    Don’t think it hasn’t crossed John Elway’s mind that drafting Russell Wilson instead of Osweiler would have almost assured Denver another Super Bowl and Russell Wilson a delayed chance to start and a delayed legacy.
    The Super Bowl was evidence of two legacy ships passing each other in opposite directions with most of the world watching.
    GO HAWKS!!!

  • Cecil Treadwell

    I am so glad Russell Wilson was drafted by the Seahawks where their system was structured to let Russell Wilson prove himself and start playing on day one so he could start building his legacy on day one. If he remains uninjured, he will continue to set record after record and make so many NFL organizations full of regret for not drafting him.
    GO HAWKS!!!

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