Ryan Evans, Wisconsin Badgers forward, takes jump shot free throws [Video]

After struggling through the early going, the Wisconsin Badgers have put themselves in a prime position to make a run in the NCAA Tournament come March. However, in order to run properly, all of the team’s key components must be going at full-bore.

And that does not mean simply giving 110-percent effort or pulling out whatever other sports cliches one might need as motivation this late into the season.

No, in this case, it just means one of the Badgers most important players must be able to hit his free throws.

They are called ‘free’ for a reason, but starting forward Ryan Evans kept getting his metaphorical checks bounced at the bank.

Instead of continually chucking up frustrating bricks, Evans decided to scrap the conventional free throw all together.

What resulted was a jump-shot free throw, and a successful attempt. Enjoy, Badger fans — hopefully we’ll be seeing plenty more of this as the Madness descends upon the nation in March.

h/t: Lost Lettermen

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