GIF of Sam Bradford’s reaction to the Ram’s playbook is pure perfection

sam bradford face

Judging by the puzzled look on Sam Bradford’s face, someone might need to get him a translator to read the Rams’ playbook.

This GIF is pure perfection.

[GIF via TurfShowtimes]

  • Donny Way

    Its not a playbook my man, he is looking at pictures of what occurred on the field. All QBs do it when they come to the sideline.

  • Phinus

    Just plain embarrassing play for pro level player, not only confused by the playbook but couldn’t even hit the open receiver when he did understand the play

    • eagleron

      eagleron. He also gets blame for all the balls his receivers miss the last few games I guess. But ever body mentions when he misses a open receiver.How about some of u armchair quarterbacks try it if it is so dam easy

  • KC King

    Freaking idiot.. I would have the same look if I was trying to run an offense like that. He’s probably looking at the ball fall out of his receiver’s hands.

  • NFL Madness

    Sam Bradford is a good QB but stuck on a team where defense is the priority. Jeff Fisher needs to get him some help on the offensive side. Receivers can’t catch, they got rid of their 2 best players, Jackson and Amendola. This guy is set up for failure unless they do something else.

  • Evan

    By playbook, do you mean the pre and post-snap photos of every play on the drive? The only moron here is the one who wasted enough time to make a gif of this.

  • Nolan Hughes

    My feeling while I am studying!!!