Thursday’s the New Friday Drinking Game: 49ers at Rams

Photo: Mike W/Facebook

Photo: Mike W/Facebook

I’m keeping it short this week, folks. The Niners have looked awful. The Rams have looked awful. The best thing about this game may be our game within a game. Have fun, be safe, and remember: Thursday’s the new Friday.

1 If by Land; 2 If by Air

Every Rushing Attempt (1 Drink)

Every Completed Pass (2 Drinks)

Game Play

Sack (1 Drink)

Fumble (3 Drinks)

Interception (5 Drinks)

Kickoff/Punt Return (Waterfall from kick to whistle)


Footage from Around Town (1 Drink)

In-game Shot of Owner/GM (2 Drinks)

Sideline Report (3 Drinks)

Show Schedule/Standings (4 Drinks)

Interview with Coach (5 Drinks)

Guest in the Booth (10 Drinks)

San Francisco 49ers

Steve Young Name Drop (1 Drink)

Joe Montana Name Drop (3 Drinks)

Bill Walsh Name Drop (5 Drinks)

Footage of “The Catch” (Chug a Beer)

St. Louis Rams

Kurt Warner Name Drop (1 Drink)

Marshall Faulk Name Drop (3 Drinks)

Dick Vermeil Name Drop (5 Drinks and shed a tear)

Tony LaRussa Name Drop (Chug a Beer and freeze your keys)

Physical Challenge

Drink enough combined Budweiser bowling pin bottles to set up a lane. Go bowling with golf balls, cans of corn, or anything that rolls. Three frames will determine the winner. Loser earns duct tape “racing stripes” – legs, chest, or arms: winner’s choice.