Scott Fujita signs 1-day contract from top of Machu Picchu to retire a Saint [Photo]

Photo courtesy @BleacherReport

Photo courtesy @BleacherReport

Did we know that Scott Fujita was officially the coolest guy ever? No, we did not, until Monday, of course.

That is now-former NFL linebacker Fujita, signing a one-day contract in order to retire with the New Orleans Saints. This is not an uncommon practice (for example, Emmitt Smith signed a 1-day deal to retire with the Cowboys), however, where Fujita inked his name absolutely is.

He is at the top of Machu Picchu in South America. It is one of the most wondrous places in the known world.

While many retired NFL players suffer issues without playing the game anymore, Mr. Fujita looks like he’s doing just fine.

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