Seahulk: Time-lapse video of Seattle Seahawks fan’s transformation

Seattle Seahawks fan Tim Froemke has reached the pantheon of NFL super fans, joining such hallowed figures as Fireman Ed and Darth Raider. If Froemke’s name doesn’t sound familiar, you may know him by his other moniker: “Seahulk.”

Being the Seahulk isn’t as easy as it looks. It takes the former bodybuilder as long to get into character – three hours – as it does for the average NFL game to play out. It’s a running tradition that Seattle’s most famous 12th Man started in the 2005 playoffs.

Below is a time-lapse video of Froemke’s transformation into his Lou Ferrigno-esque alter ego.

[Thanks to Business Insider for hulking up]

  • Dee

    what a waste of time.
    geez, I remember when women would be criticized for taking an hour to get ready for a social event, now men are taking 3 hours to prepare their “outfit” for a sporting event,…… geeez,

    the best advice i ever heard my grandfather say at a sporting event, when he saw a raiderfan dressed up like darth vader….” Its not about you, you idiot…its about the game”.