Seattle Seahawks to serve Russell Wilson hot dog during playoff game

The Seattle Seahawks will unveil a specialty, footlong hot dog in honor of Russell Wilson during Sunday’s playoff game. It will be called the “DangeRuss.”

Ingredients on the dog will be caramelized onions, house-made honey Sriracha sauce, blue and green shredded tortillas (“Seahawks Strips”), diced jalapeños and, one of Wilson’s favorite foods, mac ‘n’ cheese.

Wolf down a couple” DangeRuss” dogs, glug a few microbrews, maybe cause an earthquake or two, and watch the ‘Hawks fight for the Super Bowl. Sounds like a nice little day.

And, just because we’d be doing the world a disservice if we didn’t include the following video, Busta Rhymes will sing us out.

[h/t CBS Sports]