‘The Book of Manning’: SEC Storied documentary profiles growing up in Manning family

the book of manning tv

Set to air on Sept. 24, a new ESPN “SEC Storied” documentary profiles the growth of Archie Manning and his little football-playing munchkins into the First Family of NFL Quarterbacking.

“A father-and-son story written into the pages of football folklore, it can be argued that no family has had more influence on a sport than the Mannings,” ESPN’s description of the film reads. “Narrated by actor John Goodman, The Book of Manning features revealing interviews with Archie, Olivia, Cooper, Peyton and Eli Manning along with other family members, friends, former teammates and coaches as well as never-before-seen photos and home movie footage of Archie and his sons.  Through it all, director Rory Karpf explores how a tragedy shaped the course of not only Archie’s life, but his family’s as well.”

Watch the official trailer below. It looks fantastic, in the humble opinion of this blogger.

[H/T: Knox Blogs]