“Self Driven” Mathieu Tweets Himself Into Controversy…Again

The Honey Badger has stirred the SEC pot for the second time this summer after erupting once again on Twitter with messages directed toward critical sports writers and his “haters.” Fans may recall the other Twitter squabble that occurred almost exactly a month ago with Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron. But that’s just two SEC rivals talking smack. I don’t see anything wrong with that. This one, however, left me scratching my head and asking “why???”

I will now attempt to break down Mr. Mathieu’s entire social network rant. These Tweets have since been deleted.

I’m assuming he is talking about revenge against National Champion Alabama. I think it goes without saying that the entire LSU football team is out for revenge after a dismal performance back in January during the National Championship game. Understandable. As far as the steak comparison, medium rare or nothing. So I don’t really understand the analogy there.

His first statement in this Tweet, I believe, is 100% factual. No player in the nation contributed to more game changing moments last season. He should have also mentioned that he is the best special teams player in the country as well. I also believe that he is right when he says he can’t be compared to anyone else. He is, in fact, a “diffrent breed.” Even though what he said is true in many fans’ eyes, I’m not quite sure where humility comes into play.

Tyrann, you’re not going to shock the world when the target is going to be on you every single snap of every single game. Fortunately for Tiger fans, he knew what date he went on this little rant. You go, Tyrann!

Valid points. He’s athletic enough to be a star at nearly any skill position. A few periods and commas wouldn’t hurt though.

Yet another tweet decimated by poor punctuation. Maybe I just haven’t read enough, but I can’t recall any sports writers labeling the Honey Badger as overrated. He was a Heisman finalist as a defensive back, which is a rare occurrence in today’s game. Obviously he has done something right and with another stellar season next year, which we assume will be his last, he may very well be considered one of the best collegiate DB’s of all time. But this Tweet really makes no sense at all. Maybe make a little more sense next time. Is that a deal? Cool!

This Tweet tells us he knows his First Amendment rights as an American citizen, and that he probably paid infinitely more attention in his social studies classes than spelling and English. Dudez gramer iz terybuhl,

Is it just me, or did the “best defensive player in college football” use the letter “o” in place of zero? I have nothing else to say. Next.

If this guy can pick off as many passes or return as many kicks for touchdowns as he has grammatical errors, he will be a legend among legends. But I’m writing an article about him right now and he’s still not “legend.” Maybe one day.

I really hope he’s not smoking that synthetic weed again…

Ah, finally a message to his famous “haters.” Mathieu is tiny. There is no denying it. There is also no denying that he plays out of his mind every time he takes the field and has proved many former critics wrong. He has been a lock-down, bump corner on the line of scrimmage since he first ran out of the Tiger tunnel in spite of his small stature and is correct when he says he only gave up four catches in the “NATIONAL championship GAME.” However, he was beat downfield multiple times and those four catches played pivotal roles in the contest. Not necessarily something he should be bragging about.

There is a fine line between confidence and cockiness. Last year he flirted with it. This weekend’s little episode may have crossed it. Confidence is great. Cockiness is annoying.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Tyrann Mathieu. I’m as big of a fan as you will find and will defend his style through hell and high water. I understand he had a terribly rough upbringing and was overlooked by many football programs. He plays with a huge chip on his shoulder. I get it. But leave it on the field.

This brings us to the constantly debated topic of social media and collegiate athletics. Should players be allowed to use social media networks? Should they be monitored? Feel free to express you opinions in the comment section below.

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