Rivalry Week: Florida vs. Florida State, The Choak at Doak

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It is officially Rivalry Week and for the first time in a very long time, the Florida vs. Florida State game carries national title implications for both teams.

The rivalry that ascended to the top of the college football world two decades ago is back, man it feels good.

To kick off this week of trash talking Turkey dinner’s, here is “The Choke at Doak.”

Florida fans like to forget this ever happened, but in fact it did.

Florida entered the game ranked No. 4, while Florida State was No. 7. Both teams had identical records at 9-1 a piece.

After three quarters the Gators had amassed a seemingly insurmountable 31-3 lead. A lead so large that when the Noles stormed back from 28 points down in the fourth quarter to tie the game at 31, they also tied the NCAA record for largest fourth quarter comeback at the same time.

The game, which was pre-overtime, ended in a 31-31 tie. The outcome may have been knotted, but the win surely rested on the sidelines of the Seminoles.

How does this make you feel Gators? See you in Tally.

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  • rugman75

    Do they really want to go there? There was nothing on the line with the “Choke at the Doak” other than state bragging rights. How about 2 years later when both teams are undefeated and FSU beat the Gators by 3 points in the last regular season game, only to have the Gators whup ’em in the Sugar Bowl 52 – 20, and win the “National Championship”. And the following year, when FSU came to Gainesville ranked #1, and the Gators rallied to beat them 32 – 29 and knock them out of the championship game. I’m thinking those are a couple of games the Seminoles would like to forget!

  • Gator Garland

    GATORS schedule this year was ten times tougher than FSU’s! I think it’s going to be a good close game!