Settle It: The Battle for Auburn Marquee Supremacy

Photo courtesy the War Eagle Reader

Yes, we are going to bring it up once again: The Auburn Tigers fan base suffered through one of the most swift falls from grace in the history of college football.

Sorry about that one, War Eagle Nation.

Moving to the present day, the Auburn coaching search committee (yes, football is that important in the South, get used to it, Bret Bielema) managed to bring 2009-2011 offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn back from the backwoods of Arkansas State to head up the rudderless squad.

[Film Room >> Video of Gus Malzahn arriving at Auburn airport to fired up Tigers fans]

A fresh coaching hire is generally a great way to breathe new life into a program. Seen as a great hire by nearly every single member of War Eagle Nation, even the owners of various businesses are getting in on the fun.

Kinnucan’s has busted out what might just become the slogan of the century at Auburn — if all goes according to plan, of course — but does it compete with our favorite Krystal marquee?

This fast food burger joint has been following the Tigers all season long, through thick and thin.

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Photo courtesy War Eagle Nation