Shaq takes over Death Valley for LSU – Auburn game

Photo: Jay G. Tate/Twitter

Photo: Jay G. Tate/Twitter

The one and only Shaquille O’Neal was in Baton Rouge on Saturday night for his alma mater LSU’s big-time SEC West rivalry game against Auburn.

Of course, the Big Awesome absolutely took over in Death Valley. Above, Tigers coach Les Miles literally stops coaching to say hey to the big fella. Shaq was attempting to get the Mad Hatter to not burn up a timeout.

How tall is this man? So tall that LSU players have to hop just to give him a high-five.

[GIF via SB Nation]

Again, “big” is the operative word here. ESPN sideline reporter Holly Rowe probably would have loved to have interviewed the four-time NBA champion, but instead only managed to chat up his torso.

It was absolutely rocking in Tigers Stadium on Saturday. Could Shaq have even heard Rowe from so far away?

Yes, and when asked about the football team he was watching, the Big Aristotle made a big prediction:

Of course, the Alabama-LSU predictions can wait for another day. In the meantime, why not lift a cheerleader?