#Sharknado: San Jose Sharks diss ESPN’s semi-joke tweet, Fox Sports 1 jumps in

Photo via SyFy

Photo via SyFy

In case you had been wondering exactly how bored sports fans have gotten with both football and basketball settling into their respective offseasons, #Sharknado is the biggest thing in the galaxy at the moment.

Which has to be annoying for fans of America’s past time. The Major League Baseball season is in full swing, but ESPN continually opened SportsCenter segments with updates on Aaron Hernandez’s tattoos or LeBron James’ headband instead.

So when someone working The Mothership’s Twitter account decided to zing the account of the NHL’s San Jose Sharks (Shark, “Sharknado,” get it? Get it?) the hockey side was not amused.

ESPN is gearing up to take on what promises to be the biggest sports network competition it has ever faced in the soon-to-be launched Fox Sports 1.

Before the channel even airs, however, it has begun giving us a little entertainment. One of its anchors, Jay Onrait, jumped in on the #sharknado fun.

Well, it looks like we know where we may be getting our Sharks highlights.

Or was it our Sharknado highlights?

[H/T: For The Win]

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