Shaun White donates Olympic snowboards to Make-A-Wish Foundation

Knock Shaun White all you want for his performance at the Sochi Olympics, but don’t come after him for his work off the course. Following the games, White donated his snowboards to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Sure, he gets pinned as the guy who acts too big for the sport. The guy who doesn’t engage in a lot of camaraderie. But I defy you to read this article from the Washington Post and not come away liking him in some pocket of your heart.

This time around he was a class act. A good American ambassador, medal or not.

  • Chuck Schick

    Think he would have gave them away if they won him gold?

    • Jonathan

      I like to believe so. 1 may have gone to the Smithsonian (b/c of the historic feat), but would think that he’d give up stuff for the kids.

  • David

    A wonderful gesture by Shaun White. That is my son on the far right.