SMU investigating Deion Sanders Jr.’s backstage visit with Li’l Wayne

Photo: Deion Sanders Jr./Twitter

Photo: Deion Sanders Jr./Twitter

Deion Sanders Jr. is not the average college freshman. However, like any other teenager, the son of the legendary Neon Deion has managed to get himself into some hot water with a post on social media.

On Aug. 17, Sanders Jr. – now a freshman on the SMU football team – posted a photo of himself and a few of his teammates kickin’ it with none other than Weezy backstage. The young football players look pumped to be hanging out backstage with Li’l Wayne, robe and all, but the Mustangs’ compliance department was a little less enthused.

Remember, this is a program still recovering from the Death Penalty the NCAA levied against it in the ’80s. When something smells funny, the program simply has no choice but to dig into it.

“It’s not the NCAA. It’s our compliance office. Just doing their due diligence,” SMU official Brad Sutton said. “We don’t expect to find anything amiss, but it’s our responsibility to check stuff like this out.”

On that note, let’s forget the school for a second and look at the player. This is not Johnny Manziel, who came out of absolutely nowhere and had no idea how to deal with the trappings of fame. This is a young wide receiver with one of the most recognizable names in the world of sports. He grew up within the lavish surroundings of his father’s multi-million dollar lifestyle.

He has rubbed elbows with fame on a daily basis. His dad, when asked, said that Weezy is one of his best friends.

The young Sanders even rocks gold Versace bedsheets. Again, he is simply not the average college freshman.

It looks like SMU is simply going to have to get used to that, just like the powers-that-be in College Station have been forced to deal with Manziel’s hectic offseason.

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