Sonic restaurant apologizes for derogatory Redskins sign

A Sonic Drive-in in Belton, Missouri, a town just outside of Kansas City, caused some controversy on Sunday when they put up a sign that read, “‘KC CHIEFS’ WILL SCALP THE REDSKINS FEED THEM WHISKEY SEND – 2 – RESERVATION.”

The sign has since been taken down, and Sonic has apologized for the employee who made it. Sonic’s Vice President of Public Relations, Patrick Lenow, shared the following statement with NBC News:

“The remarks posted on this message board were wrong, offensive and unacceptable. In a misguided effort to support his football team an independent franchise owner allowed passion to override good judgment. The owner has reinforced with his employees the boundaries of what is acceptable and unacceptable. On behalf of the franchise owner and our entire brand we apologize for the offensive remarks.”

Following is a look at the sign Lenow apologized for on Sunday.

The sign will likely only cause more backlash regarding Washington’s nickname and owner Daniel Snyder’s resistance to change it.

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  • Laura Richardson

    The Redskins name creates the opportunity, Too bad change is not in the owners vocabulary. He does apparently enjoy losing.

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  • Nico Corr

    What does Dan Snyder have to do with what was put on the message board by the Owner of the drive-through? Numerous surveys have been conducted asking Native Americans what they think of the teams name. 80% either have no problem with the name, or could care less about it. That should be the end of the discussion. Let it go. Further more, if you took the time to study the etymology of the word Redskin, you would find that it first originates to the later part of the 17th century, and was first used by natives themselves. Get educated.

    • EDDY A


  • Charles Nies

    Great Sign. If Sonic apologizes they lost my business.

  • HavocNHell

    So, The Chiefs (An Indian background name) scalps another Indian Name. This is derogatory how? What if the employee was native american?

  • ayebeesee

    Two flavors of American Indian here….so what the heck with the sign…am not the smartest or most intelligent from the womb or reservation….nothing here insulting! Race hustlers go back to picking another race to piss off! I am not a food stamp turd manufacturer and worked my way up from the day of “no minimum wages” and your benefits having a job and working overtime were you subsidies! Sonic has jobs if you are willing to work….your wages are commensurate with your talents/abilities/education/ambition punctuated with attitude. Can you deal with it?

  • joro3743

    Big deal, probably too much but obviously getting tired of the PC going around cause some have a big chip on their shoulder and complain about everything they can as offending them. I am with Snyder, REDSKINS has been the name of the team forever, why change it because some jerk is offended. Stick to your guns Snyder.

  • Tommy_Fitz

    WTF? Why is this an issue, I don’t get offended when individuals make fun of white men. Just turn on th TV, companies humliate men all the time in TV ads white or black. I’ve never seen a commercial where a Native American male was dragged over the coals. Who cares anymore, let it go…………

  • brody

    change what and why? The Redskins football team is supported by the markets it serves and in fact the entire nation. There is no reason to change a name because one person decides they want to be a victim and are offended by what they do not like.