South Florida nails it again with another misspelled trophy

Justin Brockhaus-Kann’s Special Teams Player of the Year Award. (Image courtesy @Ameliaaa_P)

Apparently South Florida needs to work on getting some English classes instituted at the university, mainly in the football front offices.

Last week they presented the Bulls’ 2012 Special Teams Player of the Year Award to senior punter Justin Brockhaus-Kann. Or did they?

The word “offense” was not only misspelled on the trophy, but so was Brockhaus-Kann’s name. Simply put, the award makers butchered “offense” into “offensice” and Brockhaus-Kann’s name into Brouckhaus Kahn.

But Brockhaus-Kann needs to worry no more, because USF tight end Evan Landi received his award this week and, to no one’s shock, it contained a misspelled word.

Landi was presented with the Lee Roy Selmon Award, which is given annually to the player with “the greatest courage perseverance and determination in pursuit of team goals.”

Take a look at the picture below and you’ll notice “perseverance” is spelt “perserverance.”

Photo courtesy of Twitter (@ELandi9).

USF has just nailed it again.

h/t CBS Sports

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