Spike Albrecht is a smooth operator, hollers at Kate Upton on Twitter

Photo via Twitter (@KateUpton)

Photo via Twitter (@KateUpton)

If you didn’t know who Spike Albrecht was before Monday night’s national championship game between Louisville and Michigan, you are not alone.

We literally had to break out multiple Google searches to get to know the man raining threes in the Georgia Dome.

Quick side note: Albrecht’s only other scholarship offer besides Michigan was Appalachian State. Wow.

The young man apparently is a smooth operator and is ready to capitalize off of his new found fame.

Michigan-born supermodel Kate Upton was in the building for the game, repping the Maize and Blue, and Albrecht wouldn’t let the situation pass by without taking a minute to “holler” on Twitter.

That folks, is a lot of swag. Keep on keeping on, Spike.

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