Spike Lee drops a videobomb on Reggie Miller during playoff broadcast

reggie miller spike lee videobomb

During his playing days in Indiana, Reggie Miller used to drop mad bombs on the New York Knicks’ playoff hopes. Because of that, and just like Michael Jordan, Miller made quite the enemy out of Spike Lee. Lee sits courtside at every Knicks game and regularly jaws with the players on the court.

Well, Miller isn’t playing anymore, but he was still in Madison Square Garden as an announcer for the Knicks and Pacers’ Game 2 showdown on Tuesday night.

How could Lee get Miller back after all those years of draining threes against his Knicks? By dropping a solid videobomb, of course.

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Video courtesy OchocincoNewsNetwork

For those wondering what we’re talking about in terms of a Spike Lee-Reggie Miller feud, here’s a quick rundown of what you’ve missed over the last 20-some odd years.