Ref confronts St. Louis basketball’s radio announcer during game and live broadcast

Not in Bob Ramsey’s house, pal.

Football and baseball fans sit far away from the actual field of play. However, the same is not true in basketball, where fans and — most importantly in this case — radio announcers sit only a few feet from where players and refs do their thing.

That said, there is, generally speaking, an invisible line separating the game from the announcers. That holds especially true for when announcers make critical remarks regarding the calls the refs make on the court.

At least, it should hold especially true, with should being the key word there.

Instead, a ref at a St. Louis Billikins basketball game literally took time away from the court to call out the team’s radio announcer for criticizing one of his calls.

However, Bob Ramsey, the voice of the Billikens on WXOS, ESPN’s St. Louis radio affiliate, wasn’t havin’ that. In probably the most epic ‘talk to the hand’ since 1993, Ramsey shuts down the ref.

This is 101’s broadcast, dude.

h/t: Big Lead Sports

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