Stanford Cardinal unveils beautiful new $21 million football facility


Photo: Andy Drukarev/Twitter

Stanford has officially unveiled its new $21 million football facility. A world-class institution deserves a world-class football program – and that goes beyond what we as fans see on the field of play.

Champions are made in the offseason, in the film and training rooms, and with the insight of coaches and teammates.

With that in mind, the Cardinal has built a gorgeous football facility. The new locker room is divided by positional group, and even includes an area for alumni currently in the NFL to return to campus to train. The auditorium was named after star quarterback Andrew Luck, who contributed financially to the project.

The new meeting room is covered in scenes of the team’s recently successful national run. There are meeting rooms for each position as well, and many more celebrations of those that had turned a passion at Stanford into a professional career in the NFL. There are even iPad coffee tables and a player’s lounge.

Check out the sneak peek video of the new facilities, as well as a comprehensive photo gallery below.

What do you think about Stanford’s commitment to sustained greatness on the gridiron?

[Photos, Video via Andy Drukarev/Twitter]