Steph Curry goes behind his back, schools Ty Lawson, hits Bogut for massive slam [Video]

steph curry behind the back andrew bogut dunk

The first round of the 2013 NBA Playoffs has taught us a few things: The Celtics really don’t think much of Carmelo Anthony’s wife, Derrick Rose looks good in street clothes, and there is no one more deadly in the third quarter than Golden State’s Stephen Curry.

Seriously, shattering the soul of Denver’s Ty Lawson by crossing over and then going behind his back before — instead of pulling up for a selfish jumper — dishing it to a wide open Andrew Bogut for a dunk.

All in a day’s work, friends. Er, shall we say, all in a third quarter’s work?

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The Play 60 Kid said it best:

[GIF via @cjzero]