Steve Elkington tweets a joke about Michael Sam, world forgets to laugh

If Steve Elkington tweets a joke and the world forgets to laugh, was it actually a joke? On Tuesday, the PGA pro sent out a zinger about Michael Sam’s workout at the NFL Combine and ESPN’s coverage of the openly gay, aspiring pro.

However, rather than follow up with a “40-yard dash in high heels” joke, Elk clarified (?) his tweets.

There’s no sarcasm button for Twitter, so it’s hard to say what angle – either the “ESPN finds a story and flogs it like a dead horse” or the “gay stereotypes are funny” – Elk was playing at. Whatever it was, the meaning didn’t translate.

This isn’t the first time he has commented on Sam, either. Last week Elkington tweeted the following:

Again, maybe it’s Aussie humor, or just abject homophobia – who knows. But the jokes don’t play well on the social media, especially on a slow news day with every blogger on the net waiting to pounce.

  • Ed Graham

    It certainly isn’t politically correct but it is funny!

  • Eliott

    I, for one, think it is funny and I am so tired of the likes of espn and all the print and electronic media talking about this day and night. It is amazing how you do not hear anything on the alphabet networks about the cover-ups of Benghazi, the IRS or NSA but 24 hour coverage of this homosexual. Yeah, I said homosexual. That is what they are. The hell with this gay crap.