Knicks’ Steve Novak can’t stand Nate Robinson’s championship belt celebration

nate robinson discount double check

On Thursday night, the Chicago Bulls once again slayed a dragon, knocking off the New York Knicks, 118-111, in overtime. The victory snapped the Knicks’ 13-game win streak only a little while after the Bulls ended the Miami Heat’s winning streak at 27 games.

However, it doesn’t seem like one New York player is too concerned about the game itself, but rather how the Bulls made it happen. Nate Robinson absolutely went off, scoring 35 points off the bench to lead the way for Chicago, and after burying one of his many threes, he also went off on his discount double checks.

Steve Novak, the Knicks’ resident three-point sniper, was not impressed.

“It warms my heart,” Novak said of Robinson’s celebrations. “It really does. The best part about doing the belt is hearing the stories about all the little kids who hit a three-pointer and do the belt. One day when Little Nathan grows up, his dreams come true and he can be just like me.”

The dis quickly got back to Robinson, who is listed at 5-foot-9 and is currently the shortest player in the NBA, and he went at Novak on Twitter, calling him a “clown.”

“I forgot u invented that move, [you] must play for the Packers and [your] name is Aaron [Rodgers],” Robinson said.

Did Robinson just admit that this is Aaron Rogers’ celebration? Yes he did.

So why don’t both just come up with some new celebrations and be done with this nonsense?

Just because one might be shorter in stature than the other doesn’t mean both Robinson and Novak can’t be grown men about this.

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h/t: Point Forward