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Steve Spurrier declares Gamecocks the national champs of bowl season

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South Carolina may not be playing for the BCS National Championship, but that doesn’t mean the Gamecocks haven’t won anything. In fact, Steve Spurrier is so impressed with his team’s resume that he’s declared the Gamecocks the “national champions of the bowl season.”

When discussing South Carolina’s potential to end up ranked in the top five of the polls for the first time in program history, Spurrier stated the following:

“There’s going to be about 11 of us who are somewhere around 11-2 or 12-2, so we’ll see how it all shakes out. But I’m going ahead and declaring us the national champion of the bowl season.”

South Carolina beat six teams in 2013 that recorded a bowl win this postseason. That’s more than any other team in the nation. Two of those wins came in BCS bowls – Clemson and UCF.

Prior to Spurrier arriving, the Gamecocks experienced limited success. Since he’s stepped foot in Columbia, the Ol’ Ball Coach has led the program to a 77-39 overall record, eight bowl games, and three straight 11-win seasons.

While the success has been nice, he understands that bringing a championship to South Carolina is the ultimate goal. For now, however, the Gamecocks will just have to do with Spurrier’s self-proclaimed championship.

“We’re looking for any kind of championship we can find around here. We don’t have many,” quipped Spurrier.

What is on Steve Spurrier’s workout playlist?

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