Super Bowl XLVIII game and player prop bets released

Prop bets for Super Bowl XLVIII are out, and the list is long. For fans looking to wager some money, there are a ton of items to bet on.

The lines start with who’s most likely to win Super Bowl 48’s MVP award, and get as detailed as who will catch a pass first between Eric Decker and Julius Thomas.

Fans can even places bets on things outside of the game, including how long it will take Renee Fleming to sing the national anthem, and whether or not she will omit any words.

Do you think any members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers will be shirtless on stage during their half-time show? You can bet on that as well.

Really, the options are endless, just choose wisely.

Following are a few of the prop bets offered by Bovada. For more, click here.

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