Supermarket chains purchase NFL playoff tickets to prevent blackouts

Supermarket chains Meijer and Kroger have purchased hoards of NFL playoff tickets to prevent blackouts in their respective markets.

Adam Schefter reports that Meijer bought roughly 1,200 tickets for Saturday’s game between the Colts and Chiefs. Though Meijer is headquartered in Michigan, they are a prominent midwestern chain. This move will surely carry favor with their Indiana market.

Kroger has reportedly purchased hundreds of tickets for Sunday’s contest between the Bengals and Chargers. As with Meijer, the Cincinnati-based chain will donate its tickets to military families and veterans.

“This is an exciting time to be a Bengals fan,” said Sukankya Madlinger, President of Kroger’s Cincinnati/Dayton Division. “And, Kroger is a huge supporter of the brave men & women who protect and defend our country. Giving them the opportunity to watch the ‘undefeated at home’ Bengals in action is a great way for us to say ‘thank you’ for your brave service.”

This move is great philanthropic PR for these companies, alleviating the nuisances of blackouts, while also giving back to the community.