Surveillance video reportedly shows Carlos Hyde did not strike alleged female victim

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

According to Yahoo! Sports, the surveillance video footage of the evening during which Ohio State running back Carlos Hyde allegedly struck a female victim proves his innocence. A camera outside of the Columbus night club where the alleged punch took place appears to actually clear Hyde of any wrongdoing.

Charges are not expected to be filed against Hyde after video from Sugar Bar 2 shows he didn’t appear to make contact with an alleged victim who claimed to have been assaulted early Saturday morning, a source who spoke to Yahoo! Sports on the condition of anonymity said. The source said video shows Hyde speaking in the direction of the alleged victim just prior to her punching him in the head. The video then shows Hyde leaving the area and reaching back in the woman’s direction in a non-confrontational manner, the source said. From the video, it doesn’t appear Hyde ever made contact with the woman – either before or after she struck him, the source said.

At first, Hyde and his 16 touchdowns from a year ago were rumored to be dismissed from the program. As of writing, Hyde has been suspended indefinitely pending the outcome of the investigation. This new information may change everything for him, but remember, Yahoo! Sports is citing anonymous sources, so nothing is set in stone quite yet.

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