Meet Sweet Pea: Stripper who bashed Jacoby Jones with bottle on party bus

Photo: Sweet Pea/Instagram

Photo: Sweet Pea/Instagram

TMZ first reported that, at roughly 3 a.m. early Monday morning, Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones had been injured when a stripper hit him in the head with a bottle on a party bus. Jones and several teammates were celebrating Bryant McKinnie’s birthday.

We had also learned that the stripper in question went by the name of Sweet Pea.

Well, here she is. The one with the platinum-blonde hair on the left side of the photo above. We do not know for sure if this is the same bus the party was held in later, but Sweet Pea posted the photo of her and her friends along with the caption “Team Ravens…”

The photo has since been deleted from her Instagram account, but she also posted a photo on Sunday of herself in the same outfit, on what appears to be the same bus, drinking a coffee.