Taco Bell wants to celebrate with FGCU coach Andy Enfield following Tourney

Andy Enfield's Taco Bell face. (Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports)

Andy Enfield’s Taco Bell face. (Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports)

Earlier this week, FGCU coach Andy Enfield shared with America where his first official date was with his supermodel wife, Amanda Marcum.

Enfield “wined and dined” Marcum at none other than Taco Bell. That same Taco Bell many college kids can be found following a 2 a.m. bar crawl.

Shocking, we know, and we wouldn’t suggest you using those tactics anytime soon if you are looking to land a total babe.

Enfield’s story has not only put him and his wife in the spotlight, but has also provided some fantastic free publicity for the fast-food joint.

@TacoBell recognizes that and now the company is ready to celebrate with Enfield following March Madness.

taco bell andy enfield tweet

Talk about the preludes to an endorsement marriage made in heaven.

h/t USA Today Sports

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