Tajh Boyd, Dabo deny gambling rumors, parents may seek legal action

Tajh Boyd has enjoyed four free years of education as a member of the Clemson football program. However, after his Tigers were slaughtered by ACC rival Florida State, 51-14, a “website” cited “anonymous sources” that the star quarterback had racked up a tuition’s worth of gambling debt: $80,000.

The “report” – which the curator of the site told The State via email “comes from direct sources in Vegas that have ties to the bookies” – states that Boyd had lost tens of thousands of dollars betting on various NFL games.

“I don’t really know where that came from,” Boyd told the media Tuesday. “When I heard it, it was pretty shocking. That being built on top of the loss made it a rough little weekend.”

Boyd went on to make light of the situation. Like he said, it had been a tough weekend for him. Besides these rumors, Boyd posted a 78.2 passer rating against Florida State, the second-lowest mark of his entire career. He recorded a 66.5-mark in 2011 against South Carolina.

“I have Northland Cable. I only get two games on Sunday,” Boyd said, taking a jab at the rumors a gambling debt was centered on NFL games.

His coach, Dabo Swinney, was incensed at the rumors.

“That just added to my beautiful Sunday. … It’s disappointing that we live in this world where things like that happen,” Swinney said. “I have no reason to think that he lied to me. He’s never lied to me before. Obviously, it would be a major problem if you have somebody lying to you about something like that. You’d have to move on in a different direction. It’s that simple.

“I have no reason not to trust him, absolutely. No question, his integrity is impeccable.”

At this point, Boyd’s parents are thinking about taking a legal route to completely and totally clear their son’s name, telling ClemsonInsider.com that “[t]hese reports are totally false. Please leave my son alone.”

Of course, the school has done its due-diligence. Athletic director Dan Radakovich had Boyd interviewed by his compliance office and had the website the rumors came from researched.

He did not expect to find anything substantial, and he did not.

[H/T: CFT]