Tallahassee Community College baseball players catch 13-foot great white shark off Ft. Lauderdale

tallahassee community college great white shark

Photo courtesy of Captain Taco Perez.

A day of fishing off of the coast of Fort Lauderdale, FL brought a big surprise to four Tallahassee Community College baseball players.

Harry Andro, Josh Shailer and Jared and Tanner Elliott shared a two hour long fight with a 12-to-13 foot, 1,000 pound (approximately) great white shark.

Capt. Paul Paolucci of Taco’s Hooked Up Sportfishing recounts the surprise hook-up (via ABC News).

“When we got the leader we were like what the hell … this is too big to be a bull shark. We were as surprised as anybody,” Perez told ABCNews.com.

“We had been fishing for about four hours,” Paolucci said. “He swam up and ate our big bait, the bonito. When we saw him, we knew it was going to be a fight. We knew it was going to be something really big.”

“Everyone was really excited,” Paolucci said. “It was amazing to see. They didn’t know what we were up against.”

“We ended up just cutting him loose. Nobody wanted to stick their hand down there,” he said.

“We catch a lot of sharks,” he said. “But nothing like that. That was by far the biggest.”

Here’s another look at the shark off the stern of the boat.

ft lauderdale great white tacos

Photo courtesy of the Sun Sentinel.

It’s not every day that you get a chance to real in a great white shark.

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