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Tebowing shirts have hit New England and eBay

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Photo via Darren Rovell

Photo via Darren Rovell

This is happening people: The insanity that has swept through the swamp of North Central Florida, that created mania at Mile High, and blew up the Big Apple has officially flipped out fans in Foxboro.

That’s right. We’re not talking about anything less than Tebowing.

These shirts are not officially sanctioned by the NFL, so they will most likely only be available for a very limited time — basically, until Tebow’s peeps issue a cease-and-desist to the company who is selling these bad boys at 17 bucks a pop on eBay.

But wait, there’s just so much more:

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Photo via Boston Magazine

Photo via Boston Magazine

Photo via Boston Magazine

Photo via Boston Magazine

Photo via Boston Magazine

Photo via Boston Magazine

Which bootleg tee is your favorite?

Or rather, shall we say, which bootleg tee do you despise the most?

Because when it comes to Tim Tebow and Tebowing, there is very rarely a middle ground for fans.

[H/T: Bleacher Report]

MORE: Fans react to the signing of Tim Tebow by the New England Patriots

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