Teddy Bridgewater takes out a $10 million insurance policy prior to 2013 season

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

With roughly a month to go before the college football season finally kicks off, fans, coaches and players alike are getting ready.

Fans have been perfecting their tailgating plans, coaches have been holed up in film rooms getting prepared for their respective Week 1 opponents, and players are taking out insurance policies – wait, what?

You read that correctly. Heading into what most believe will be his third and final season leading Louisville, quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has taken out a massive, $10 million insurance policy to protect against any injuries he may suffer with the Cardinals in 2013-14.

The news of the policy was first reported by ESPN’s Joe Schad, and it makes perfect sense. Bridgewater’s NFL Draft stock soared through the final two games of his sophomore season. The first, a season finale victory over Rutgers, sealed the Big East title. He limped all over the field on a sprained ankle and threw darts despite a broken hand. He put himself in harm’s way time and again and he did so at the risk of never seeing a dime if he fails to make it to the NFL.

After that, he showed the world what he could do at full strength. Bridgewater made one of the best defensive units in the nation look downright foolish in picking apart the Florida Gators en route to a Sugar Bowl win.

At this point, and unless Bridgewater completely falls flat on his face in a month’s time, the passer is seen as a sure-fire first round pick, if not a top 10 or top five selection. There are millions upon millions of dollars at stake here, so Bridgewater is just covering himself in case of a catastrophe.

All of that being said, Bridgewater will most definitely be the only kid at the cafeteria with a $10 million policy, and you can take that to the bank.

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