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Ten most epic coaching rants and meltdowns in sports history

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Coaching is a harsh profession. It is essentially middle management in the sports realm. Managers and coaches take it from players, owners, fans, and the media. They are praised too little when a team wins, and vilified when the team loses.

Perhaps the cruelest part of the job is the post-game press conference. After living and dying on each play, coaches must sit before a group of reporters second guessing every move. With little time to cool down, and emotions still at the surface, sometimes coaches blow up and then melt down.

Here’s a list of 10 fantastic rants, as well as one coming out party. The list of great tirades grows every year.

Mike Gundy - It’s impossible to look at Gundy without thinking of this little gem. Like it or not, it’s part of his legacy.

Hal McRae - The abuse of the reporters isn’t fair, but the throwing of water and a phone sure are funny.

Paul Rhoads - Good thing the officials weren’t in the room.

Jim Mora - You take your playoffs; I’ll take diddly poo.

John Chaney - It wasn’t his presser, but Chaney holds court like a legend.

Dennis Green - Sure it’s overplayed, but when 45 seconds spawns numerous soundbites you have a good one on your hands. Best part: the guy at the end saying “thanks, coach.”

Kevin Borseth - He comes in like a wrecking ball.

David Bennett - To be fair, this wasn’t a post game presser. But still … where my dogs at?

Dan Hawkins - This isn’t a post game presser either, but Hawkins is in midseason form.

Jerry Burns - This one starts slow and then really gets going. It’s quite the treat.

Bonus: Barry Hinson - Welcome to the party, Coach. You get in for embarrassing your wife.

*Herman Edwards was left off this list because he is too overplayed and has become a caricature of himself on ESPN.

**Bobby Knight was left off because he deserves his own column.

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